It’s Deaf Awareness Week

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    This week is Deaf Awareness Week, so we’ve put together some resources and information to help increase deaf awareness at home, at your child’s school or during after school activities.

    We also have a few suggestions of how you could get involved with our Deaf Awareness Week activities, including holding a Big Cake Bake to help spread awareness in your community.

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    National Deaf Children’s Society

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    Personal passports

    A personal passport brings together information about your child that can help adults caring for or working with them to meet their needs and support them in the best way possible

    Helping friends to be deaf aware

    If your child goes to a mainstream school, our poster could help to show their classmates how to be deaf aware. Pass it on to their teacher to put up in the class.

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    Deaf awareness tips from parents

    Four families share their experiences of how they’ve supported others to understand their child’s deafness and helped the adults that interact with their children to become more deaf aware.

    What are you feeling?

    A resource you can pass on to teachers, What Are You Feeling? gives children the vocabulary to label and identify their feelings using British Sign Language and different fun activities.

  • Deaf awareness in your community

    If you want to help raise deaf awareness in your community this week, you could try taking part in our Big Cake Bake or encouraging your child’s school to get a copy Daisy and Ted’s Awesome Adventures, our storybook featuring a deaf character

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