North Lincolnshire Public Mental Health Conference 2017


On the first day of Mental Health Awareness Week 2017  Kay, Julia, Katy and Fiona attended a conference to share learning from a national, regional and local level.

The conference was aimed at partners working with vulnerable people, commissioners, providers, independent and voluntary sector, schools, colleges and mental health champions.

It was a very full and informative day with workshops and guest speakers who had lots of statistics and current information which we can pass on to parents at our weekly coffee mornings.

The first speaker was Andy Bell who has been with the Centre for Mental Health since 2002 and regularly writes a blog on Mental Health policy for the Huffington Post. He uses research to make changes and promote mental health. 1/4 adults have a mental health issue. 1 in 10 in the classroom, so 3 children in each class ….and costs the UK £105 billion each year.

75% adults had problems as a child and 5% have a conduct disorder.

90% prisoners have mental health issues.

Louise Garnett works for North Lincs Council and spoke about what is happening locally and about the National Adult Survey which you can read more about on www.fingertips.phe

Workshop seminars in the morning were attended on the topics of Suicide prevention, The Samaritans, Self harm Adults and Self harm Children and Young People.

In the afternoon the seminars covered

North Lincs All Age Mental Health,

Eating Disorders SYEDA,

Get Going for good emotional health and well being,

Dual Diagnosis of Substance Misuse & Mental Health.

Jan Procter-King gave a unique presentation on behaviour change, communication and lifestyle. She has been a nurse for 35 years  and now delivers study days around the country supporting people to ” use their kind eyes and listening ears”.

Corrine Harvey a Public Health Consultant in Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England concluded the day with a round up of all the current statistics relevant to her background in nursing and acute mental health.

The timing of any referral is crucial to the outcome.

Waiting lists for referrals vary, currently CAHMS have a 10 week wait (was 12weeks).

Cruise apparently has an 8 month waiting list.

90% referrals are through a GP

School nurses can direct people.

Age 13+ can refer themselves

All schools have a Mental Health Champion

Youth Counselling. (up to age 25)

Remember statistics and information above is correct as May 2017 , facts and waiting lists change all the time. We hope to update you again in the future.