SEND Conference 2016

Photos and the PIP power point presentation at the recent SEND Conference held in co-production with the Local Authority on November 18th 2016

A day filled with lots of information  for carers and parents  in the form of  Workshops,  a Market Place and guest speakers  some of which were children who totally stole the show. The day give all an opportunity to gather further information on a range of topics that were of interest to families with disabilities and we raised money for Children in Need. Families have spoken with enthusiasm about the event and we look forward to sharing more news and details from the day with you  soon.



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Welcome to
Parent Involvement and Participation


Fiona Beard
Kay Mitchell-Gough
Steering Group Members


What is Parent Carer participation?

  • A group of parent carers of children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities who work in

  • Partnership with Local Authorities, Health, Education, Social Care and other service providers.

  • To make sure the services they commission, plan and deliver meet the needs of their families

How do we participate


What work

    • Respecting that we can represent families views and experiences

    • Working together

    • Honesty

    • Co-production from the beginning

    • Consideration

  • High quality cost effective services that meet the needs of children, young people and their families

What doesn’t work

    • Listening but not hearing

    • Taking note but not action

    • Making it difficult to participate (timings, locations, subject matter)

    • Asking the wrong questions

    • Leaving it too late

    • Demotivated parent carers

    • Ineffective relationships

    • Mistrust and frustration

What have we learnt?


  • Ask the right questions at the right time and in the right way

  • Be creative in how we develop participation

  • Sometimes less is more – overwhelming information is not helpful to anyone

  • Do not lose sight of your goal

  • Participation can take many forms

  • Co-production leads to success

Start with co-production from the beginning!


Next time you start a piece of work – remember!

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  • ‘If you want to know how well a pair of shoes fit you ask the person wearing them not the person who made them or the person who paid for them.’ Anon

Participation is evolving…


…and maybe one day we’ll be where we need to be in every conversation.


Our journey this year

  • Co produced Conference

  • Co produced Roadshows

  • SEND Conference for Schools

  • SEND CYP Partnership Meetings

  • Partnership in Practice

  • Families helping Families

PIP Coffee Mornings

Over the last few months I’ve attended lots of PIP coffee mornings at various venues, a warm welcome & an opportunity to talk to other mums & carers about our children and all the challenges they overcome. I’ve heard wonderful inspiring stories & a chance to exchange ideas and tips on lots of subjects
Its been very helpful

We ask you to tell us

What are we doing well ?
What can we improve ?

Parent carers, children and young people at the heart of what we do

Come and Join Us

Become a member
Participate in helping the PIP Forum

We all value your company opinions and ideas

We look forward to meeting you soon

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