Do you have an interest or passion in children with disabilities, a child with a disability or would like to help in any way?


Then our group needs you, or you may need us!

We are North Lincs PIP Forum, ( Parents Involvement in Participation)
Helping to empower the parents of disabled children in the North Lincolnshire area.
We are a forum for the views of parents and carers of disabled and special needs children in North Lincolnshire and comprise of a team of such people!
Our aim is to help put parents/ carers on the right path even when conditions are not yet diagnosed

Our contact list is open to anyone!

Can you help us in any way?

Can we help you in any way?


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    Our contact list is open to anyone with an interest in the North Lincolnshire Parent Involvement and Participation Forum.

    If you indicate you may, or have a disabled child / children and live in the North Lincolnshire, you will be invited by email to become a Full member (FREE)