Carers Rights Day 2018: Caring for Your Future

30th November was Carer’s Rights Day and the local event which took place at Heslam Park Rugby Club in Scunthorpe was attended by a number of Parent Carers.

The aim of the day was to help carers in their local community to know their rights, to find out how to get the help and support that they are entitled to and raise awareness of their needs.

After being welcomed to the day, the morning was spent with individual discussions taking place on every table, on matters which particularly concerned that group of carers. Supported by a facilitator, each table then chose 3 questions from those discussions to be put to a panel later in the day.

Following a buffet lunch, we were joined in the room by the panel of 11 which consisted of  a range of representatives of varying local organisations/bodies including:

  • Kay Mitchell-Gough: Chair – North Lincolnshire PIP Forum (Parents Involvement & Participation)
  • Haydee Barrett: Commissioning Officer – Integrated & People’s Commissioning Team – NLC – (lead for Carers)
  • Carol Powell: Team Manager – Specialist Family Carer Services – North Lincolnshire Council (NLC)
  • Roxanne Kirby: Lead Officer – Children’s Disability Services NLC
  • Jean McFarlane-Walsh: Representative – Carers’ Advisory Partnership (CAP)
  • Jane Ellerton:  Head of Strategic Commissioning – North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NLCCG)
  • Rachel Greenbeck: Quality Matron, Trust wide Lead for Learning Disability – Scunthorpe General Hospital
  • Chris Prewett: Head of Patient Engagement and Experience – Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH)
  • Marian Davison: Acting Head of Adult Care
  • Mike Humphries: Chief Executive Officer – Carers’ Support Centre
  • Andrea Wood: Operational Matron Care Network West

Each member of the panel spoke, and every question was answered by the most appropriate member of the panel to do so. For those who had a question or comment that they preferred a confidential reply to, forms were available for them to complete to receive replies at a later date.

 Typed answers to the questions that were answered on the day are currently being prepared and verified. Those questions that were too complex to be answered without further investigation, will be answered by the relevant organisation and their response shared at a later date.

When all of this information has been compiled, the questions and answers will be posted on the Carers’ Support Service website and also emailed to those Carers who attended where possible.

Some points of interest that were raised on the day were:

  • 6000 people each day become carers, which leads to the need for increasing recognition of a carers multi – faceted role.
  • There is currently a shortage of male carers in the area.
  • Carer Champions in RDaSH all wear Yellow neck lanyards.

It was good to have the opportunity to hear the responses to our questions and those raised on other tables directly from the professional with responsibility for that area. The day finished with each member of the panel being asked to make a commitment to carers on behalf of their organisation which they duly did

All in all it was a very interesting and informative day and one on which ‘the carers voice’ was definitely heard.

Those who completed the feedback form “Have Your Say” and supplied their contact details had a chance to win Love 2 Shop vouchers and 1st class stamps.

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